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Welcome to South Coast Cypress!

Several years ago when we first purchased our farm in Central Virginia, there was no house on the property and we had to find a place to live. Nearby was a small log cabin, which we were immediately enchanted with and of course, as we needed shelter we purchased it and moved in.

We had never before considered a log home, but once we caught the bug we went to log home shows and did extensive research to find the best log home company and wood species for our new home.

We quickly discovered the benefits of Tidewater Red Cypress and subsequently cypress became the only wood for us.

The transition to becoming a cypress provider/builder was one borne of enthusiasm and belief in a product that was without question the ideal species with which to build a log home.

Aside from being able to handle the building of many of our client's homes, garages, barns, additions and outbuildings we also work with our clients on their home site selection, home design, site prep and budgeting long before the logs arrive! With our extensive experience we can assist clients in getting the most house for their money and design the house with the budget in mind. SO much money can be saved in the design phase, and since we have built many homes we know just the right questions to ask to insure you don't add costs where you don't need them.

Our services range from log erection to the "dry-in" phase, which is log walls up, roof on (up to the felt, no shingles) and exterior doors and windows installed.

We can also assist you in a "turn key" building package.

We are committed to help our customers from the beginning phases of site selection, budget and design through the building phases all the way until the final trim is on the house.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please take a look at our Homes and Land for Sale as we often have property and log homes we have built that are for sale.

Thank you!

Bill and Marta Gray

Independent Authorized Dealer